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Copier Rental

Need a copier for a short term only? Unsure of the duration needed? Rent a copier with us for your site/events. It will be a more flexible plan for you!

Copier Leasing

Need a copier for a long term only? Lease a copier with us for your office/workplace. It will be a more reliable plan for you!  The longer you lease, the more you save!

Copier Purchase

Feel like owning a copier of your own? Save yourself from the long-term cost. Buy your very own copier with us today! You own it, you control it.

Copier Upgrade

Facing problems frequently with your old copier? Been wanting to upgrade your old copier? Don’t hesitate to upgrade with us! You definitely deserve better.

Copier Maintenance

Got frustrated whenever your copier is down? Not sure how to troubleshoot your copier? Fret not! Give us a call and we will be there for you as and when.

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Spare Parts


Relocate Copier

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What People Are Saying

Impressed us with their professionalism responsibility and efficiency at whole process, and completion with good quality of work. Followed with its excellence after-service quality.

Michelle Siaw, Esteemed Customer

Incredibly pleased with the copier services provided. Thoroughly analyzing and understood to our copier needs.

Yian CS, Esteemed Customer

“Engaged the services of TTS Copier for over five years and we continue to do so. The level of professionalism provided by the sales and technical support staff have been exceptional.”

J Habeebunisha, Esteemed Customer

As experienced photocopier professionals, we know the value of quality service and fast response

Our services have helped countless customers with their photocopier needs.

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